About Open World

Target audience: High School (12- 18 year), Young/Adult

CEFR: : A2 – C1

British English


Open World is an exciting course pushing students beyond the boundaries between exam preparation and real-world language. This course covers all the topics and language needed for learners preparing from A2 Key to C1 Advanced.


  1. Its unique exam journey provides a systematic route to exam success, leading learners from exam training tasks to full exam question practice.
  2. The Real World texts and videos give the learners a chance to demonstrate the English abilities they need to communicate effectively in the open world.

Look at the curriculum:

📺Book 1 https://on.english0905.com/B184PM1/data2/PM2e_Lv1_1-1/index.php 

📺Book 2  flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 2)

📺 Book 3 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 3)

📺 Book 4 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 4)


Info & What You’ll Learn–

Students will continue learning, building, and re-enforcing their English knowledge.
A language and exam prep course that gets students ready for exam style content. Students must already have a foundation in reading in English. These books enforce communication skills and real world situations for communicating in English while taking exams, traveling, speaking using English in real life. These books nurture the student’s key life competencies and human values needed to become kind, creative individuals ready to make the most of life’s opportunities.
Open World has a competency framework that underpins the syllabus helping teachers focus on areas of communication and collaboration such as speaking, active listening, problem solving skills, comprehension recall, and so much more.
Stories, advanced vocabulary, read and solve, comprehension, communication and more are at the epicenter of this curriculum.
This is one of the curriculum option our teachers have used to help build student’s skills and help prepare them for the Gaokao exam.
These books come to life inside the classroom via the classroom presentation tool. Thus making learning fun and interactive.
Playful activities and projects
***Classroom course provided during class only. Students can try to purchase the books on Taobao.
Listening skills
Speaking skills
Comprehension skills
Exam Skills

What our clients say:



My child loves having Phonics Monster class!

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ZeZe learns so much better with Phonics Monster.




Both kids enjoy this curriculum very much!




It is so fun! The DeDe loves the songs and activities!


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