Curriculum About – RAZ A – Z

About RAZ A – Z (Interactive Books)

Target audience:  Beginners
Children 3+ years old.

CEFR: : Pre A1 – A1

British English


All books are brought to life with interactive with fun videos, audios, animations, and story recall comprehension checks. RAZ helps your students build their reading and comprehension skills.
Why just read a book when you can enjoy our unique and super fun classroom while building your child’s English skills!


Fluid English decoding, and reading skills.

Look at the curriculum:

📺Book 1 

📺Book 2  flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 2)

📺 Book 3 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 3)

📺 Book 4 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 4)


What you’ll learn

Students will continue learning, building, and re-enforcing their basic alphabet and phonics knowledge by reading and decoding new words.
Language and early literacy books that gets very young children communicating in English while nurturing their key life competencies and human values needed to become kind, creative individuals ready to make the most of life’s opportunities.
Gain new knowledge and practice reading skills while interacting with our books that are brought to life with beautiful animations, audio clips, fun songs, and brilliant animation!
Stories, phonics and comprehension checks introduce children to early literacy and comprehension skills.
Playful activities and projects
These books come to life inside the classroom via the classroom presentation tool. Thus making learning fun and interactive. item
***Classroom course provided during class only. Students can try to purchase the books on Taobao.
Listening skills
Speaking skills
Reading skills

What our clients say:



My child loves having Phonics Monster class!

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ZeZe learns so much better with Phonics Monster.




Both kids enjoy this curriculum very much!




It is so fun! The DeDe loves the songs and activities!


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