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About Science Path

Target audience:  Primary-Children 6 – 11 years old.

CEFR: : A0- B1

British English


A six-level science series that allows children to start at a very basic level of science and English and then level up into more advanced content. All of this is done while using our fun interactive classroom presentations tool thus providing a creative playful class and allowing more opportunities for learning, communication, collaboration and creative thinking in English.


It all begins with a question! Science Path is a dynamic skills course through which students can practice their English, broaden their vocabulary, and improve their language skills. An inquiry-based approach to learning that aids in the development of thinking skills. The contents are presented in the format of a scrapbook, closer to the way children learn things out of the classroom. Like a magazine, the course includes fun facts, games and interesting questions (and even a few jokes!) to appeal to children’s natural curiosity.

Look at the curriculum:

📺Book 1 

📺Book 2  flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 2)

📺 Book 3 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 3)

📺 Book 4 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 4)


Info & What You’ll Learn

A dynamic, inquiry-based learning series for English teachers teaching science.

  • Inquiry-based learning means students learn through discovery while developing critical and creative thinking – investigate, look back, find out, create
  • Inquiry-based teaching means a scientifically proven method to improve students’ learning
  • Units based around Big Questions develop critical thinking, research and language skills
  • Scaffolding tools to aid better comprehension of texts
  • Fun and practical experiments and projects, and video documentaries aid students’ understanding of the main themes and topics

Bring together digital versions of all core instructional materials, including Student’s Book, video, audio, and answer key, to present and demonstrate new language and skills, create opportunities for practice, and manage classroom activities.

***Classroom course provided during class only. Students can try to purchase the books on Taobao.
Science skills
Listening skills
Speaking skills

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My child loves having Phonics Monster class!

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ZeZe learns so much better with Phonics Monster.



Both kids enjoy this curriculum very much!



It is so fun! The DeDe loves the songs and activities!


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