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About Wonders

Target audience:  G1 – G5

CEFR: : A1 – C1

American English


This curriculum gives a very thorough English education. Wonders curriculum is used both in America and in many International schools in China. Wonders offers exam preparation and practice are naturally embedded in every unit to familiarize learners with activity structures, tasks types and strategies to complete exams successfully. The scope and sequence includes all Wonders books, Literature pages develop social and emotional competencies. Your Turn, Literature and Anthology, Read Aloud, Reading and Writing, Grammar Reproducible, Phonics and Spelling, and Leveled Reader.


Proficient written and spoken English skills

Look at the curriculum:

📺Book 1 

📺Book 2  flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 2)

📺 Book 3 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 3)

📺 Book 4 flip through video link here from Hu (like the one above👆, only for book 4)


Info & What You’ll Learn

Students will start in book one by learning, building, and re-enforcing their basic alphabet and phonics knowledge. They will then progressively step up through the levels until they reach grade six.
Many educationally well rounded students use Wonders curriculum because of the complete written, and oral grammar practice.
Students will build their oral grammar practice skills to excellence by being guided through Your Turn, Grammar, Phonics, and etc. parts of the curriculum. .
Students will build their reading skills to excellence through practicing reading with their teacher. There is a lot of reading practice via Read Along, Leveled Reader, Literature and Anthology, and etc.
Students will build their writing and spelling skills to excellence through practicing the writing portions of the text with their teacher.
Playful activities and projects
***Classroom course provided during class only. Students can try to purchase the books on Taobao.
Listening skills
Speaking skills
Writing skills

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My child loves having Phonics Monster class!

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